Common Look and Feel (CLF) Guidance

Common Look and Feel is an objective that aims to make public alerts more readily recognized by the Canadian public.  Ideally, every member of the public would receive the same alert content, the same alert signal, the same presentation format, etc., and while that may not be achievable due to the variety of distribution mediums, there are practices the NPAS community can follow to reduce the differences between broadcasters and distribution mediums.

The CLF Guidance document provides issuers and distributors with the guidance they require to support the CLF of public alerts associated with NPAS.  The CRTC requires broadcasters, BDUs and VOD undertakings to make all reasonable efforts to comply with the CLF guidelines.

The current version of the CLF Guidance document is version 1.2 and was approved by the Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management on January 17, 2016.

CLF Guidance version 1.2 (PDF)    or   (DOCX)

Directives sur la presentation uniforme version_1.2 (PDF)   or   (DOCX)

Version 2.0 of the CLF, which adds support for Wireless Public Alerts, is currently posted for public review, please submit your comments by March 26.

CLF 2.0 Draft – Public Review



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