Posted here for public review is a draft of the revised CLF Guidance Document 2.0 which includes the new specifications for Wireless Public Alerting (WPA). The CLF is referenced in the CRTC’s 2017-91 (para. 44) decision as being responsible for setting out specifications, policy decisions, and recommended practices associated with the National Public Alerting System (NPAS).

Work started in May 2017 and the resulting version 2 was developed in broad consultation with broadcasters, wireless service providers, Public Safety-Canada, various emergency management organizations and others. These changes were in response to the CRTC’s request for the CLF group to consider various issues prior to WPA being implemented nationally.

After regularly meeting for eight months, the group has reached a consensus on version 2.0 and would like to start the consultation process prior to presenting it to the Public Alerting Working Group and then Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management (SOREM) for final approval.  The consultation period will close March 2nd so please provide any concerns or comments prior to that date.

NPAS_CLF_guidance_2-public-draft (DOCX)

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